National Traditionalist Caucus Issues

What does NTC believe in?

  • Strong moral values in our families and communities.
  • A strong, intelligent defense and foreign policy to protect our country, our interests and freedom.
  • Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution in law and government.
  • Low taxes, a free market and hard money.

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Moral Values

We at NTC know that history has time and again proven that civilizations cannot survive long without strong families and communities. The sacredness of the marital bond between a man and woman is vital for the nurturing of children and the maintenance of civil peace, hence it must be protected. We also believe the sanctity of human life - from conception to natural death - must be protected.

We have worked with crisis pregnancy centers to provide positive alternatives to abortion for young mothers.  We have joined life chains.  We have also done an expose on the population control movement, whose leaders pretend to defend personal freedom when, in fact, they are intrusive social engineers who wish to plant anti-child, anti-family attitudes in the culture, in their perverse attempt at eliminated children.

We have fought radical homosexual activists, in their attempts to force their agenda on schools, the Boy Scouts of America, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We have also battled against drugs, hard core pornography, and the destruction of old neighborhoods, for the building of so-called “planned communities.”

Defense and Foreign Policy

The atrocious attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon shocked the world. Sadly, it has proven correct what we have been warning of for years, that an incoherent foreign policy with an over extended and under-funded military is an invitation for attack. Providing for national security is the number one responsibility of our Federal Government.  We at NTC have always advocated a strong defense, including a missile defense system.  We must have a military that can attack our enemies swiftly and deadly like a viper.  The U.S. military was not built to be international social engineering force, we cannot squander our vital security resources on unnecessary mission creep operations.

We must keep good will with our neighbors and allies and work in coalitions when need be, we must not allow our national sovereignty to be usurped by any international organizations.  Moreover, we deem a number of economic and social policies promoted by the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank to be counter-productive to peace and prosperity in the world. We must remain engaged in the world, but George Washington’s Farewell Address warning against “foreign entanglements” remains as true today as it was when he wrote it.

Constitutional Freedom

We at the National Traditionalist Caucus firmly reject the claim of some supposed “experts” that the U.S. Constitution is an outdated document.  Our founding fathers had more wisdom at their fingertips than these know-it-all professionals have in all their heads put together.  The Bill of Rights must not be amended to fit their socialist edicts. The right of speech, assembly, worship (publicly as well as privately), property, and defense against unwarranted searches and seizures are all timeless, “self-evident” rights, “endowed by our Creator,” as the U.S. Declaration of Independence states. Most of all, the right of self-defense is the only right that makes all the others enforceable.  The right to defend yourself, your property and your family is sacred and must never be infringed!  We also believe the Federal Government must not impede state and local sovereignty, and that none of our three government branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) should usurp the others.  We strongly support the return of civics to our classrooms so that all children learn how our Constitution works.

We understand that in the wake of 9/11, some people might feel the need for extra protection and, indeed, some personal inconveniences may be necessary for our common safety. But we warn all that as Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who give up their liberty in order to obtain temporary safety,  deserves neither liberty, or safety.” Government monitoring of  law abiding citizens can be very dangerous, as Thomas Jefferson warned “enlightened statesmen may not always be at the helm.” George Orwell’s vision of  “Big Brother” in our home must not be forgotten. Tough law enforcement must entail punishing the guilty with impunity, while leaving the rest alone; liberals believe just the opposite. 

We strongly opposed the Bush administration's secret ploy to forge a North American Union with Mexico and Canada via the Security and Prosperity Partnership. We have also strongly opposed the building of the NAFTA Superhighway.

Free Markets

We at the National Traditionalist Caucus support a free market economy above all planned economic systems. A free market, with supply and demand setting prices, is the best system for the efficient production and distribution of goods and services. This process invariably lifts living standards, while keep living costs down. We also share our founding fathers’ belief that economic freedom is an essential prerequisite for political and personal freedom. If you cannot control what you own, you have no true freedom!

The Sixteenth Amendment, allowing an the Income Tax, was a violation of the very character of the U.S. Constitution. By some accounts, it wasn’t even written to permit taxes on wages. We believe this monstrosity should ultimately be repealed.  Until such time, we will continue to fight to lower and simplify taxes as much as possible. We also believe that inflation and deficit spending are both hidden taxes, and forms of theft, that are especially ruinous to our financial base. To stop all this, we advocate a return to a standardized dollar and laws requiring a balanced budget.

We also chastise the International Monetary Fund for pushing devaluation of currencies in emerging markets. This policy has destabilizes the economies and governments of the developing world, disrupts international trade, and cost the U.S. tens of thousands of jobs by making our exports more expensive. We must demand the end to these policies or a cutoff of all U.S. tax dollars.

Reject Intro #371

Based CPC Bill

I urge the City Council to reject this biased legislation. Under the guise of consumer advocacy, this bill constitutes abortion industry advocacy, by imposing standards on crisis pregnancy centers that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers do not accept for themselves.

Many abortion-friendly counseling centers and small abortion clinics have no on-site medical staff; yet they would not be required to advertise this to incoming clients. Neither is it standard practice for health care providers to preemptively disclose what products and services they don't provide. Again, this standard would only apply to crisis pregnancy centers.

If the aim of the legislation is full disclosure, then abortion clinics should be required to provide information about fetal development, and the physical and mental health risks of abortion. They are not; rather crisis pregnancy centers are accused of "bias" and "scare tactics" for providing this information.

Neither is the provision for subjecting crisis pregnancy centers to patient confidentiality laws as innocent as it appears. As currently written, this law forbids the report of rape or incest unless the victim is under 13, and the perpetrator is a family member. Centers couldn't follow up, make referrals, or even call the police without written permission - often difficult when the victim is in an abusive relationship. Proponents of this bill have not produced a single example of a woman's confidentiality being violated by a crisis pregnancy center, and yet this threat is being presented as so great that the confidentiality of abusers, statutory rapists and pedophiles must be protected as well.

To their credit, the sponsors of this bill have made no secret that it was proposed and drafted by Planned Parenthood - America's largest abortion-provider, and NARAL - America's premier abortion-rights political action committee. To suggest that these are disinterested parties seeking to guarantee women unbiased information about abortion is like trusting the oil industry to draft regulations on those selling electric cars! If this bill passes, it will be a testament not only to the Council's ideological extremism, but to a politically-connected industry's power to criminalize their competition.

Sean Y. Degidon

Undeclared Means Unconstitutional


Rather like a wrecking ball dropped into someone's La-Z-Boy, a person cannot easily ignore issues of national security and sovereignty - unless the person's own country has become the problem. At this point willful ignorance sets in and allows the person to act one way, yet profess something else. The reason for this "double-speak" is quite simple: people do not want to take on the responsibility of forcing their government to stay within its lawful, legal, Constitutional bounds. As President George Washington said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." Because of this, the people of the united States have a legal, moral, and ethical obligation to make certain that their government never becomes the "fearful master" of which President Washington warned us. But we are shirking that duty, and one of the most glaring examples is our refusal to demand the Congress declare Constitutional, defined, and legal wars. Since World War Two no war or military policing action has been legally executed. America, once the greatest military power on earth and the country most blessed by God, has now become the enemy at the gates for the other 190 countries on earth.

Citing research from the Center for Research on Globalization (CRG), based in Montreal, Canada, estimates the United States has over two and one-half million military personnel worldwide. The CRG, citing the research of Hugh d'Andrade and Bob Wing, confirms that the United States maintains 737 military bases in 156 countries worldwide. This piecemeal occupation of other countries of the world is nothing short of unauthorized, undeclared invasion and occupation. It is as if the United States occupied your county with two and one-half million military personnel. It is utter madness to think that the United States can protect the interests of another country better than the residents of that country. History has proven, in business as well as in war, men who have something to gain, will fight and work harder, longer, better than someone to whom the objective is completely foreign or worthless. Such is the case with America's involvement overseas. It is pointless. It means nothing to the American people except bloodshed and astronomically increasing taxes. There is absolutely no sound strategic military reason to staff 737 military bases in 156 foreign countries with 2.5 million soldiers whose efforts could be better used here in their own states.

The second, and more important issue, is that of the Constitutionality of these invasions. Until Iraq and Afghanistan, the Congress has never provided for a declaration of war for them, yet America continually sends troops into war. This is a gross violation of the powers enumerated in Article Three of the Constitution. It states that the President may only send troops to an unauthorized war zone for a period of sixty days. If the Congress does not approve the President's decision to send troops to battle, they must be brought home within thirty days. Many of the troops have been deployed for months. The Iraq War has slumped into a eight-year quagmire. In all of this, there are two questions to be asked. First, what right do we as Americans have to even think that our soldiers belong overseas unless there is a declaration of war by the Congress? Second, will we continue our policies of un-Constitutional foreign aggression and attempt to be the police force of the globe, or will we demand that our President recognize the true type of government granted him, a Constitutional-Republic?

In conclusion, there are other, less-valid reasons why the rest of the world hates the United States; reasons which are invalid, but are of greater importance to them. However, as long as the United States continues to impinge the national sovereignty of the other one hundred ninety nations of the earth, we have no reason to wonder why they hate us, or to demand we be tolerated, liked, or adored. In the end it becomes a question of whether the United States is a world police force - and we are not. Since we are not the world's policeman, the United States should have absolutely no military presence in other countries unless the Congress has declared war on that country.

Nathaniel Coffey, 
Tennessee State Chairman NTC