N.T.C. History

The National Traditionalist Caucus was founded in 1970 by Donald P. Rosenberg.  It was created as a grass-roots conservative group focused on reaching out to people of middle school, high school and college age.  At the time, the new left had been gaining a monopoly on youtch activism during the Vietnam era.  Don was particularly concerned with the lack of attention many in the conservative movement were giving to young people.

Throughout its history NTC has accomplished several important things on both foreign and domestic policy fronts.  For example:

In September 1974, NTC struck a blow to Soviet tyranny, when it called attention to the plan of  Voice Identification Company, in Somerville, NJ to sell sophisticated voice surveillance equipment to the Soviet Union for use by the KGB (Soviet State Police). Our demonstration at VIC headquarters was publicized conspicuously by the New Jersey Courier News. As a result of their coverage, undoubtably, the proposed sale was canceled.

In January 1993, NTC formed the majority of the protest against the notorious NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), outside the residence of its vice president. NTC’s presence was the only protest shown in the movie Chickenhawks, which exposed the atrocities of NAMBLA’s pedophile agenda.

In recent years we have been fighting the neocon agenda that has our country nation building across the globe. We have opposed engaging in so-called humanitarian interventions to force democracy on other people who don't necessarily want our style of government.  We believe it's best to follow President Reagan's way of leading by example to make other countries want to emulate us. Following Wilsonian Utopianism has been a total disaster for our foreign policy, and has made countries resent us. Americans have awoken to the disaster the neocon agenda has brought upon us.

Without the energy, dedication and vitality of youth, such critical accomplishment would be next to impossible. We hope to invite many more young people to our fold so we can add to this list.