Proposed Congressional Agenda

A-Moral Issues

1. Pass the Life at Conception Act (S583),which will protect the most vulnerable of our nation’s greatest natural resource, our next generation.

2. Reject any attempt to pass the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act”, which would be a federal dictation of hiring decisions in business and other private employment actions.


B-Economic Policy

1. In the controversy over that minimum wage, we urge a two-tier approach: a $12.00-an-hour rate for full-time workers and the current 7.25-an-hour rate for part-timers. This would give a better bottom-line for those who need it most,and,at the same time would give employers more flexibility in hiring students,beginners,and other part-timers.

2. A three-month extension of unemployment benefits can be accomplished without widening the deficit, by reducing foreign aid and Obamacare.

3. Abolish the “Federal Reserve” system, which is neither Federal nor a reserve, and which irresponsibly prints money without any restraints on its ability to do so.

4. Abolish that graduated Income Tax and the intrusive Internal Revenue service. Replace it with a flat tax, which, at a reasonable level,will help to invigorate our economy.

5. All raises in taxes should be made possible only with a 2/3 majority in Congress.


C-Civil Rights

1)The Patriot Act”
2)The National Defense Authorization Act”

Both are unjustifiably intrusive and at least mostly unconstitutional.

3. Discontinue any “trolling” or gathering of metadata of American citizens. Where there is a justified reason to suspect a specific individual or entity, a warrant should have to be obtained.


D-Foreign Policy

1. Review and audit all foreign aid on realities of the present, not those of 30 or more years ago, starting at zero and working up only by absolute necessity in each case.

2. The cold war has been over for 22 years. Current policy regarding Russia and Eastern Europe, in particular, should reflect such.

3. We are increasingly being requested to provide support for NATO, by other member nations whose local tensions rarely involve our own national interests, NATO, a dinosaur of the Cold War under its present charter, should be adjusted to reflect that present. Its charter must be changed and its name as well. If NATO refuses to allow such changes, that U.S. should withdraw from it.

Much ado is currently being made over the question of minimum wage; what is fair and what will not hurt the very people the law was intended to help. The current minimum wage of $7.25 is definitely not enough to support adults, especially if they are married with children. One might, then, conclude that a raise of that rate is in order. On the other hand, when the minimum wage is increased, the unemployment rate for teens goes up, or at the very least doesn’t go down, due to the business owners’ desire to keep costs down. One might, then, think - don’t raise it. The amount of energy expended on both sides of the issue is absurd, when you consider the fact that less then 3% of the American workforce is making minimum wage. and less then .5% is working full-time at the minimum amount.

A better focus, I believe, would be to improve the earning ability of all people working, yet still living below the poverty level. We are importing people from foreign lands to fill jobs that should be going to Americans. Rather than pass a “Path to Citizenship”, or even a “Path to Permanent Residency”, we, as a country, need to get Americans back to work. I believe that a better - trained or educated American workforce will eliminate the need for worrying about a minimum wage.

The issue with the minimum wage is really not as complicated as it seems. It can be solved in a way that helps the .5% working full-time at or near the minimum wage: without causing (mostly) students, working part-time jobs, their chance to enter the job market. A dual minimum wage system, is the solution, where full-time workers would be guaranteed a certain amount of money, say $12.00 an hour, and part-timers would stay at the present $7.25. This system would be a real help to those who are working 40 hrs a week to be more independent. It would not hurt part-timers getting their start. I believe this could be a win-win for the American economy.


by Christopher O'Hare