It's not a Marriage

Americans have made an art of having strong beliefs, yet practicing “live and let live.” This culture is both a cause and effect of our Constitution, the First Amendment of which forbids government from violating the conscience of its citizens.

The gay rights movement has recently convinced a narrow majority of the Supreme Court that defining marriage as “one man and one woman” denies gays equal protection under the law. It necessarily follows that there is no room for disagreement among the states as to what the law should be, or even among private citizens in how to treat it. Marriage must be respected as more than a simple civil right, with a package of benefits invented and guaranteed by government, held by consenting adults for as long as they consent. Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman, and God.

The gay rights movement also wrongly argues that any opposition to their agenda is discriminatory under civil rights law, and thus should be treated like racism.  Even before the Supreme Court ruling proclaiming gay marriage a civil right, those who support traditional marriage have been under attack. Contributors to natural marriage groups are being hunted down and hounded from their jobs, and bakers and florists who will not participate in gay weddings are being prosecuted for discrimination and “hate,” and fined into bankruptcy.

The truth is that marriage precedes all government, and government has no right to define or redefine it. Throughout recorded history (and doubtless long before) cultures of all religions and none have recognized marriage as the way for men and women to reliably commit to each other and provide a stable, nurturing environment for their children. Even “gay-friendly” cultures (like ancient Greece) did not equate homosexual unions with marriage.  “Same-sex Marriage” is not an expansion of marriage to people previously excluded, but rather a further reduction of marriage (a la No-fault Divorce) to the sexual and emotional desires of individual adults.

by Sean Degidon