IRS - Internal Ripoff Service

The U.S. has been steadily losing ground globally as one of the best places to do business. In 2014, Forbes listed the United States as the 18th best country in which to do business and the World Bank places the U.S. at 7th in its “ease of doing business” ranking. The two main factors lowering the U.S. ranking are the onerous requirements to starting a business and the highest corporate taxes in the world. The current IRS code (rules and regulations) is almost 74,000 pages long. To be a tax attorney (the people who read, write, and figure out what those 74,000 pages mean) one has to have an undergraduate degree (4 years), a law degree (3 years), and then a special tax law degree (1 year). We have to train the someone 8 years to just to understand the law, the same time it takes to become a doctor!

Every year, about 30% of every dollar earned by Americans is paid to the government in taxes. 

  • The current tax code has over 4 million words.
  • The IRS employs almost 90,000 people to enforce that code.
  • U.S. Taxpayers spend more than 8 billion hours complying with federal tax requirements each year.
  • The average American has to work until April 17th just to pay federal, state, and local taxes. 


In recent years the IRS has been used to punish and harass conservative political activists. The IRS systematically audited conservative political groups and individual activists in battleground states. When Congress attempted to investigate the biased treatment by the IRS, the IRS conveniently “lost” the emails detailing the harassment. The IRS has also maintained that obtaining emails stored electronically does not require a warrant. The IRS manual also details how agents can avoid the Bill of Rights, a process they call “parallel construction”, where agents use illegally obtained information to target an individual, then find a way to explain in court that the information was found legally. 

The IRS is now taking their Gestapo-brand tactics globally with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FACTA, a law that forces foreign banks and governments to report any clients who are Americans to the IRS. This reporting includes the types, numbers, and amounts of money kept at the bank or in the country. Even if you wanted to take your money to a country where it is easier to start and run a business, the IRS will find you and take their share.

The solution is to end the IRS and its unconstitutional surveillance on American citizens. There are many options for replacing the income tax, including a flat tax, sales and use tax, value added tax. A tax code of 4 million words, and 74,000 pages and an agency reminiscent of the Nazi Gestapo are un-American, unconstitutional, and keeping America from reaching our potential.