Commonality Between 2nd Amendment Supporters and Natural Food Activists

I have seen a number of conservatives, particularly those who are great supporters of the 2nd Amendment, look with disgust and distrust at people who are trying to make us aware of the poisons that are being introduced into our food supply, in our country.  These conservatives think the Health Food movement is some liberal cause run by liberal Hollywood actors. I know, because I used to think this way for many years.

However, that is a mistaken idea. Many people who are trying to eat naturally and are suspicious of the government trying to clamp down on the health food movement, are conservatives. Supporting the right to know what is in your food including GMOs, (genetically modified organisms) is a goal all conservatives should support.  One of the major reasons the rates of heart disease and cancer have skyrocketed in the United Stats over the last 60 years is because of the toxins that are put in our food, and of which many Americans are not aware.

Unfortunately the political parties, including the so-called “conservative” Republican party, have let us down. Most Republican Senators (43) voted against a bill that would have guaranteed states the right to enact mandatory GMO labeling laws. Isn't this the Party of States’ Rights? 28 Democratic Senators also joined the Republican Senators in voting against that bill. Are these people looking out for your best interests? Most Americans support the right to see GMO labelling on food products, so they can decide if they want to buy those foods for their family or not.

The truth is, most people in America are not aware of what toxins are put into their food, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) and high fructose corn syrup, among others. Most Americans are also not aware that most foods in the supermarket contain GMOs. Thankfully, people are starting to become educated about eating healthy foods because of web sites like and

Educating people about issues, and then letting them decide what is best for them is a conservative idea. We think people know what is best for themselves and their family once they know all the facts.  We don't think the Government, Big Pharma, and the F.D.A. should be hiding the facts about what is in our foods from us. We don't want the government trying to shut down either local organic farmers or companies selling health food and vitamins, just like we don't want the government trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights to purchase guns to protect ourselves. The more of these rights that are taken away from us, the more we will move toward dictatorship.

By Victor Dedaj