Border Security = National Security

America is said to be the land of immigrants. We often proudly trace back our heritage to when and where we came from, before we settled in this great land. Fortunately, our grandparents had a structured process for immigrants becoming legal and assimilating to America. Prior to the 1960’s, immigrants to the U.S. were subject to very tough controls, including disease and health checks, national quotas, and a make-or-break society without a welfare system. Immigrants from undesirable nations or infected with diseases were routinely turned away. The few who did make it worked hard to achieve, in our land of opportunity. Unfortunately, in the 1960’s, the doors to America were thrown wide open.

Illegal immigration has become one of the leading threats to our great nation. Without the strict controls and security of the past, major communicable diseases are back on the rise; wages and employment for American workers continue to decline; our schools and hospitals have become overcrowded, and America’s enemies seek to exploit our weakest points.

In recent years, diseases that were considered non-existent in the U.S. since major public health initiatives in the 60s and 70s, have made a stunning comeback. Immigrants have been responsible for recent outbreaks of tuberculosis, dengue fever, polio, and even the ebola virus. Almost 50% of immigrants have no health insurance; the cost of their healthcare is passed on to us all. The cost to Medicaid alone, due to illegal immigrants, is over $14 billion every year. 

Wages for American workers have stagnated, or worse have fallen, since the early 2000s. Illegal immigrants willing to work for pennies on the dollar are pushing out young, unskilled American workers such as high-schoolers and college students. 

Local and county hospitals have been some of the hardest hit by the wave of illegal immigration in the last few decades. Many smaller, local hospitals and clinics near the border have closed due to the high cost of providing healthcare to non-paying illegal immigrants. The hospitals that have remained open often close their birthing or natal care centers, because of the rush of women to have their children born on American soil, a phenomenon called “anchor babies.” Schools, like hospitals, are forced to provide for millions of immigrant children, which strains resources and stuff classrooms to the breaking point. 

Perhaps most frightening is that America’s enemies are seeking to exploit our wide-open border. Most recently, the Islamic State (waging war in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya) has published propaganda indicating their wish to use the Mexican border to smuggle weapons into the U.S. for an attack. U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter has admitted publicly that “at least 10 ISIS fighters” have been captured trying to enter the U.S. 

  • Nearly 2 million American workers are displaced from their jobs every year by immigration.
  • 1/4 of the federal prison population is foreign born; we must deport over 30,000 criminal immigrants every year.
  • The cost to schools to educate immigrant children is over $30 billion annually.
  • In 2010, the average immigrant household received more than $24,000 in government benefits and services.