We, as Traditionalists, believe:

That before and over all things worldly and spiritual comes God, the Author of all creation, including our own individual and our collective existence;

That from Him have we received the moral commandments and the natural laws which make our lives purposeful and fruitful;

That history teaches us that when these laws have been obeyed, the peoples who have followed them have thrived and prospered, and when these commandments have been ignored and replaced with false idols such as materialism and disbelief, the nations which followed these false paths and others have fallen into ruin;

That among His many gifts bestowed to man are those of the spirit and of the mind;

That in His infinite wisdom, He divided the nations from each other, each with its respective culture and language, physical traits, and modes of distinction, but all alike in His favor;

That the most meaningful lives are those which are realized in those nations which have adhered to these principles;

That the major purpose of government is to create a climate in which the principles of His Glorification are realized, consistent with the laws of Creation;

That all the other prerequisites of a great nation follow these first principles;

That such features include individual liberties of speech, assembly, and petition and redress of grievances, insofar as freedom of speech is exercised without harm to the public or to other individuals, and insofar as freedom of expression is not exercised with the intent or result of debasing a climate of culture and of civilization, the public moral tone;

That the free market economy is the best system through which maximum amounts of goods and services may be produced, consistent with the highest possible quality and lowest possible monetary costs to the public;

That the government which sets the highest possible moral and cultural tone through its own example and which, in general, confines its activities to the administration of justice and the maintenance of internal order, the defense of the nation, and the preservation of the national heritage, including its natural resources from unwarranted despoilment, is that most likely to serve best the interests and just aspirations of its people.


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